Here's one for the boys.

Don't you love it when boys... I know I do. That's why this blog is dedicated to the cute, quirky things I notice about the boys in my life that I love ♥

Started June 20, 2011.

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I answers questions really informally and do not use punctuation at all.

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cute boys tho :/

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What girls look for in guys

  • brown eyes
  • messy hair
  • cute nose
  • 4 paws
  • golden retriever 

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boys…………..whats up with that

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kinda wanna die bc boys also kinda wanna stay alive bc boys

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when cute boys initiate conversation with you


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Anonymous: Okay so my question is this, I got asked by a boy to a banquet award ceremony thingy and I have to dress up and so does he and there's dancing and all of this other stuff and he asked me this like 5 weeks in advance, is this a date?

sounds like one to me! :-)

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boys seem better in theory

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Anonymous: hey, plz answer me! IT's VERY IMPORTANT! ok, i have 14 and i have never kissed anyone! and all my friends already have! some guys have liked me before, but i just don't wanted theys, bc i don't know how to kiss someone! if i do something wrong and the guy tells to everyone? plz, help mee!

hey hey hey, no need to stress out so much about first kisses. like tbh i haven’t even had a first kiss yet and i’m 16 LOL so i don’t have much experience. it will happen when it happens and it may be totally perfect or weird and sloppy but that’s how first kisses can be idk what i’m saying lol

and like, you’ll never learn if you don’t try? that’s why it’s a first kiss to imply that there will be a second, third etc etc :-)

if you kiss someone and they don’t think you’re good at it and tell people then that’s super sucky but in the end, if people believe them then that’s dumb but the person who doesn’t believe that and wants to kiss you anyway is cool, right?

sorry this is a really bad answer but i’m still waiting for my first kiss story too :-)

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its sad when cute boys dont think theyre cute

it’s sad when cute boys don’t think i’m cute

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when cute boys initiate conversation with you


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